Women’s Connection

Community Events

Bringing Women Together one event at a time

Aimee provides the nurturing space for the community to gather in a variety of different experiences. Some tailored specifically for new mothers, some for women wanting to reclaim their sensuality, and others for those who just crave friendship and connection to women on the spiritual path.

No matter what gathering you attend, you can be sure to leave with new friends.

Aimee Lora
Holistic Sexuality & Empowerment Coach, Conscious Dance and Movement Facilitator

I’m a somatic guide specializing in ceremonial initiations that recode empowered femininity. I aim to provide a safe space for expansion while also having fun. My passion is to explore what is present while also curating meaningful experiences for my community.

I’m based in Jacksonville, Florida and currently work for myself. I’m also a conscious mother of two daughters and am an active member in the Waldorf Community.