An object is something that can be seen and felt…

What are three objects you couldn't live without? By the simple definition we humans are all objects. However, the feminist in me laughs because the mission is to stop the obectification of women. Treating humans as objects notoriously dismisses their sentient nature. As the simple definition states, I would say I could not live without [...]

Women’s Connection

Women are waking up to realize that our intuition is so powerful it's been the most feared part of our existence. Why else would the Christians burn women alive? They went against what MEN interpreted from the Bible and a GOD outside of themselves and also a MAN. Women are waking up to realize that [...]


It's been a while since I've posted on this blog. And It's not that this side or passion of mine has died or passed... It's that I've grown. I've had a child. Gone through full term pregnancy, the birthing portal, postpartum and I'm back again pregnant. The flood of motherhood wisdom and sacred sexuality has [...]


Caring for our bodies and caring for the is no different. We are the same. Tend to the water. Tend to the soil. Tend to the fire and to the air. Tend to our body. On this EarthBodyDay. This came through as a song as I was greeting the day and my lovely nature [...]

Trust in life

Over and over again we are being called back to our primordial innocence. Let this be yet another invitation to remember your true nature. "…you are only trapped by our own thinking- it is you who corrupts the data within your DNA by allowing in a frequency that activates it's most primitive components. The wider [...]