Failure is just a lesson of GOLD

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success?

Failure is admitting defeat, while persistence is trying again with even better intention for success. It’s a gathering of internal and external resources to learn and grow from the mistakes of the past to achieve better results.

In retrospect is failure really failure? Or is it opportunity?

The aftermath of failure is what counts the most.

Even in the most dire situations, in the midst of drug abuse, physical injuries, sickness, nothing remains a failure because look at me now! I’m a thriving woman.

Take a peek back at your “Failures.” Are they really failures? Did you learn and grow from those experiences? Are you a more aware person now for what you went through?

That’s what matters. Success is really a feeling we have about ourselves. Success isn’t measured by our failures. It’s measured by our growth and efforts.

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