An object is something that can be seen and felt…

What are three objects you couldn’t live without?

By the simple definition we humans are all objects. However, the feminist in me laughs because the mission is to stop the obectification of women. Treating humans as objects notoriously dismisses their sentient nature.

As the simple definition states, I would say I could not live without my mother, father and their parents.

Although I don’t think the author of this question meant for the answers to be that deep. I believe they are asking for the simple pleasures of life.

What are 3 objects I could not live without?

If I imagine myself stranded on a island, alone, what would I enjoy having?

To answer the question, I could not live without a pen and blank papers to write on.

Having something else would be a bonus.

Everthing else is secondary.

It’s vital to record my inner thoughts, to consecrate them into reality and to document them for whoever finds them.

The insights and wisdom found in our words lives beyond our lives and is meant to help those who come after us.

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