Women’s Connection

Women are waking up to realize that our intuition is so powerful it’s been the most feared part of our existence.

Why else would the Christians burn women alive? They went against what MEN interpreted from the Bible and a GOD outside of themselves and also a MAN.

Women are waking up to realize that we’ve been living in the echos of times passed. And we no longer need to fear death and persecution like generations ago. Of course we go through our own experience of torment, as we strip all the layers of patriarchy from our lives, but death is not imminent.

Many women are waking up to realize that other women are keys to their expansion. To helping them heal the sisterhood wound and find peace with their own sensuality & sexuality.

By gathering we are activating ancient codes of the great mother. And we are healing our own suffering with the power of love’s embrace.

Over the past 5 years I’ve been integrating being a strip dancer for so many years, and the reality is that I still crave sisterhood. I long to be in the womb of women- in a conscious and connected way.

I desire friendships that are silly, sexy, and special.

I’ve known that I had to create that for myself and set the intention to do so a while back. Two births later, I’m feeling full and about to emerge from the depths of the soil with my offerings to the community.

I’m feeling a trust of life and the unfurling of the new me. feeling blessed. Feeling grateful.

My offerings are abundant as I have been gathering the harvest for a few seasons.

I am sharing :

✨ Full Moon Women’s Circles

✨ Sensual Embodiment BreathDance Ceremonies

✨ Quantum Meditation Sessions

✨ MicroCurrent Thereputic Sessions

✨ Mom Group Workouts

✨ Postpartum Care Support Groups

✨ My Female Empowerment Coloring and Activity Book: Color Your Mantra

I’ll be hosting a booth at the Jacksonville Spirit Fest March 11th! Come say hi!

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