It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog. And It’s not that this side or passion of mine has died or passed… It’s that I’ve grown.

I’ve had a child. Gone through full term pregnancy, the birthing portal, postpartum and I’m back again pregnant.

The flood of motherhood wisdom and sacred sexuality has woven beautifully in me and through me.

I’ve been in question as to how my offerings will express and how they will be received. Yet perhaps, I shall just present it all.

In all my glory and diversity.

I am not like another and neither are you!

We are different for a perfect reason as we are medicine to each other.

Perhaps on my journey of expressing my fullest self I will find my people who truly resonate with me and desire my teachings and offerings.

It’s a bold and brave effort to release the conditioning that says I need to fit into a box of my own making.

I’m consciously choosing to connect to my higher self and let myself be guided.

Please help me spirit, to give my offerings and remove myself from being in the way.

I’ve been on a path of giving and perhaps there is an edge to surrender I have yet to reach.

I’m ready.

I’m ready to open fully to the divine.

To my power.

Thank you to all the support and reflections I’ve found along the way.


I’ll be integrating and weaving my other websites with this site eventually. Stay tuned✨

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