Caring for our bodies and caring for the earth…it is no different.

We are the same.

Tend to the water.

Tend to the soil.

Tend to the fire and to the air.

Tend to our body.

On this EarthBodyDay.

This came through as a song as I was greeting the day and my lovely nature friends.

Basking in the glory of the sun and the plants around me

Nature’s health is a reflection of our human body and vice versa.

Be sure to remember to treat nature well as I hope you treat your body. We are seemingly separate and intrinsically connected.

If you treat your body well, you’re invariably going to be aware of your treatment to the earth.

How we treat our bodies is a direct reflection of our perception of self love. If someone has no self love, they do not have the capacity to have love and care for the earth.

If someone loves themselves they have the capacity to extend that love outward towards the earth. They have the awareness to choose in alignment with love for all beings, living and non-living.

Living in love you live in awareness to your connection to all things and you realize the impact of your individual personal choices and how they effect the wellness of the greater whole.

My bean garden I’ve been tending

So if self love isn’t an option for you or seems too challenging, love for the sake of the earth.

And if loving for the sake of the earth seems too difficult, far fetched, or useless, love your body.

Tend to the needs of either and watch beauty unfold.

Because we are one with nature.

Happy EarthBodyDay

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