Birthdays are for Mothers

Birthdays have taken on a whole new meaning now that I’m a mother. I celebrate both the child and the one who birthed said child. For centuries, mothers have been nurturing life that becomes fully grown humans. Whether those humans are of good character- we won’t get into that topic.

Today I celebrate my birthday. The day of remembrance that I chose to come to this earth in this human body form. The day my mother raced to the hospital to have me emerge from her body towards the floorboard of the red Toyota Tercel in the cold 40 degree weather in Frankfurt, Germany.

I celebrate the effort and care it takes to keep a human alive. The sacrifice it takes to give and give to tiny humans. I never knew the capacity that mothers give and love and know I want the world to get it. I want every women to know that motherhood is a profound spiritual journey of growth and expansion of LOVE beyond our wildest dreams.

Becoming a mother has blasted me open to know LOVE as devotion. There is no option but to serve this child. I must. I have to. I will.

In the midst of service I become the greatest version of myself. I become the embodiment of Love and Devotion.

I give my life force to this child and I breath life into a new me each day.

Happy Birthday to me and my mother who shared her body with me. Who nurtured me and let herself grow alongside me.

Happy Birthday!

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