Trust in life

Over and over again we are being called back to our primordial innocence.

Let this be yet another invitation to remember your true nature.

“…you are only trapped by our own thinking- it is you who corrupts the data within your DNA by allowing in a frequency that activates it’s most primitive components. The wider you open yourself to the chasm that lies ahead of you, the more you will realise that there never was any chaos.

It was all simply the difficulty at the beginning. It is the 3rd shadow that makes human begins afraid of change, despite the fact that we are wired for change. In order to evolve, a human being must embrace chaos rather that try to protect against it.

The 3rd shadow causes human beings to distrust life itself and therefore adopt the old survival strategy known as dog eat dog. Incredibly, when you trust in chaos and allow the environment to mutate you, rather than trying to control it and stay the same, the greatest magic is revealed to you– that in chaos ther is and always has been a vast underlying transformative order.” –Gene Key #3 Richard Rudd

What is happening on a global level right now, has been happening within us all along.

And I’m one of the people that has this specific gene key as my life’s work.

I’ve seen chaos through and through difficult beginnings over and over again.

Personally, I’m in a place of shifting, and therefore, so is the collective.

We are stepping into the gift frequency of innovation that leads us to our divine innocence.

One person at a time we can shift the global consciousness.

One thought at a time we release ourselves from the shackles of suffering.

I’ve been studying the gene keys for almost two years. I’ve been diving into understanding my hologenetic profile and finding profound insight and relief into my own human circumstances and configuration.

It’s brought me a sense of freedom and ownership of my mental reality.

Let us all be free of limited thinking- Of thinking that binds us to the pain of the past- to thinking that perpetuates pain upon our fellow humans and earth creatures.

Let us find peace within our hearts by knowing ourselves deeply and compassionately.

Let us see the sweet reminders of who we really are in the children of our world.

Let us laugh easily and remember our interconnected nature to the world around us.

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