Troubled by Life?…Take a Breath.

It’s easy to get caught up in every day stress. The mind loves to take on that job if we don’t create balance to release the stress on a regular basis.

Many times stress makes it seem like there just isn’t any time to relax.

Our bodies begin to constrict, just like the mind. The neck and shoulders stiffen. The back begins to ache. The body is holding all the stress that our minds hold onto.

We don’t need a vacation.

We don’t need more time in the day.

We need to take a breath.

Take a breath so big you feel your whole ribs and low belly expand.

Take a conscious breath and imagine your bones expanding. Feel your ribs move apart from each other.

Imagine all your muscles relaxing with this breath.

With this one breath your stress can melt away.

Time slows down and your perspective shifts.

Now imagine taking two breaths.

What else could you manage?

Breathe to dissolve all the problems you have. Breathe into your body to release tension. Breathe to release pain. Breathe to release your mental struggle.

Breathe yourself into a new life. A life in which problems are tiny grains of sand that you make castles out of.

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