Stripper Tip #16


I began my journey of dancing in the quiet of the daytime. I got to know the deejay and made files of my favorite music to dance to.

Whether you’re a traveling or a stationary stripper. You can have a handful of your favorite songs to dance to.

Even still, every week I listen to new music on Spotify and choose new songs that inspire me to dance and create.

Every club is different in their music policy and I’ve found that everyone is human, so I could appeal to the deejay and choose my stage songs.

Choosing my songs allowed my stage sets to be a creative expression of my essence.

It was one of the most powerful feelings to have the club filled with my songs of choice and my presence on stage being witnessed.

Standing in your creative power is fun and you can access this by choosing your music. Whether it’s rock, electronic, folk, 60’s, experimental, pop, R&B or everything in between, it’s up to you.

Bring your full self to the stage and watch yourself become magnetized to all that you desire.

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