Stripper Tip #14


What’s motivating you from day to day?

A small “why” doesn’t have sustaining power when it comes to big goals.

A small why’s motivating power doesn’t outlast the achievement of the object of desire.

Successful people have a BIG WHY and all the other “why” fall under that.

Understanding your BIG WHY will give you insight into your VISION for what you’re doing day to day.

When you have clarity on your most powerful reason for doing something, it’s easy to see what is and isn’t in alignment with that goal.

For example, a BIG WHY could be “to live the best possible life”, or “be the best I can be”.

A smaller why for living the best life would be to become financially free.

If we keep going, another smaller why could be, to buy mom a house and get grandma a caretaker.

The choices we make will eventually lead us towards the BIG WHY.

The way is clear and as your life unfolds so does the path.

With each decision you’re laying the walkway towards living your best life.

Opportunities will show up to support you or distract you. You’ll begin to understand where you get to learn and grow to achieve your BIG WHY.

Know why you’re going somewhere and you’ll be sure to get there.

Think small and achieve small.

Think big and achieve big.

Play with the model I showed you above and see where you’re heading and discover your BIG WHY.

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