Stripper Tip #12


The biggest gift you can take away from this job besides wealth is self love.

You’ll find conversations happening looking at the other woman in the mirror as you both put your makeup on.

There’s an easy opportunity to miss with the mirror being in front of you so often.

What can bypass this opportunity is getting caught in the trap of comparing yourself to others. Whether it’s body shape, skin, clothing choices, hair, makeup, shoes…whatever!!

Instead of looking at the other woman, look at yourself.

Fall in love with the woman reflecting back at you.

Learn to admire yourself through the mirror. Boost yourself everytime you look at that beautiful Goddess.

And I don’t mean in a way that makes you narcissistic.

There is a way to love yourself so full that your radiate kindness to others. This kind of love comes from an abundance mindset.

It doesn’t come from a place of lack. Coming from scarcity, some thoughts might be “I’m the only pretty one in the club…I’m the prettiest…I’m the best dancer…” Did you notice how those are still comparing yourself to others?

EveryBODY is different.

The self love I’m talking about comes from thoughts like this…

“Wow, I see all these stretch marks on my body. And I’m super proud of myself for getting fit. I’m gonna go out there and rock it.”

“I lost my tan from the summer, and I’m kind diggen this lighter skin. I’m gonna save my money and not go to the tanning salon!”

Self love is you being kind to yourself.

Self love is encouraging in the face of challenges.

Self love is paying attention to your emotions and honoring them.

“That girl was being really mean. And I know that what she did has nothing to do with me and everything to do with how she was brought up. I’m proud of myself for having clear boundaries.”

It’s those times that are hardest you can look in the mirror and pat yourself on the back.

The mirror is a reminder of your strength, your courage, your unstoppable beauty.

No matter what anyone says they can’t take away your self love.

Your confidence is your super power. And it takes practice to maximize it.

Practice at home.

Gaze in the mirror and tell the eyes looking back at you “I Love You”.

Say it until you feel the love bursting through your heart.

And then go out into the world and see how beautiful life is.

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