Stripper Tip #15

EXPRESS YOURSELF Sounds cliche. And it's absolutely necessary. Be real with what emotions come up for you and find a way to shake them off. If you experience a stressful scenario with someone and you ignore, avoid, or deny the uncomfortable feelings, the experience may stay in your body. During intense situations, the body responds [...]

Stripper Tip #14

YOUR BIG "WHY" What's motivating you from day to day? A small "why" doesn't have sustaining power when it comes to big goals. A small why's motivating power doesn't outlast the achievement of the object of desire. Successful people have a BIG WHY and all the other "why" fall under that. Understanding your BIG WHY [...]

Stripper Tip #12

SELF LOVE The biggest gift you can take away from this job besides wealth is self love. You'll find conversations happening looking at the other woman in the mirror as you both put your makeup on. There's an easy opportunity to miss with the mirror being in front of you so often. What can bypass [...]

Sacred Play

When we stop pandering in the realm of separation, our sexuality stops being something outside of ourselves and we can really step into a world of play. When a deep seated repression of a pivotal part of who we are as humans is avoided and denied through generations of shame, there is a dark cloud [...]