Stripper Tip #11


Your mind unchecked is a sure path down into the pits of hell.

Be persistent with your thoughts.

With the negativity literally everywhere, it’s easy to get caught up in the mentality of blaming the external world for your discomfort.

It’s okay to feel shitty, just own it! When you own your emotional responses you own your true power.

When you sink into negative thought patterns, you’re giving away your power and feeding into the cycle of suffering.

So notice when you have negative thoughts and decide to change them.

You can go from, “man this sucks because no one is spending money”, to “that customer is waiting for me to go up and say hello, and he’s going to give me his wallet!”

It’s a playful practice to make life more fun. Life is supposed to be fun. And if you’re working in the clubs, let it be the most fun!

Don’t let the scarcity, pain and fear of the other girls or even the customers get you down.

Be vigilant in not letting their thoughts affect you. They have no power over you. Let their thoughts of misery drown in the radiance of your smile.

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