Stripper Tip #10


Flirting is the beginning of the art of seduction.

Flirting is a playful way to charge up your magnetism. And simultaneously charge the space between you and potential customers.

Flirting creates a strong attraction and desire.

When I say be a flirt, I don’t mean for you to really do anything for the customers.

They just end up being a witness to you being your super sexy self.

Look at someone whilenyoure simply enjoying yourself, they guaranteed will think you’re doing it for them.

And with you looking at them while you revel in your juiciness, the charge between you and your subject becomes juicier, too! It’s a win-win.

Showgirl Of The Year Competition 2009 (1st place, California Local & Regional)

So dance in your sexy skin, allowing customers to witness you.

To me it feels like I’m letting them be voyeurs to me making love to myself.

With every step. Every booty shake. Every bend. Every touch. Every grab. Every adjustment. Every smile. Every laugh. Every hug.

Play with the idea that someone is watching. And it quite possibly can be that one customer who makes your whole night a financial success. Because it really does just take one.

So while everyone in the club thinks you’re giving them super special treatment, you’re really practicing self love.

This kind of self presence creates a special kind of awareness that shatters illusions and allows you to step into a higher perspective. As if your staring down below from an airplane.

Mundane problems seem teeny tiny from that height. You see the big picture and you’re able to laugh much more easily. You’re able to feel pleasure in your body more easily. You’re able to manifest quickly.

Night out on the party bus

You’re enthusiastic, you’ve got that charisma that everyone wants to be around.

Youre highly desired. You’ve got a waiting list to be with you now. You’re hustle becomes a flow. You can choose who you’d like to entertain. You can pass on others without hesitation.

You are the vibration of abundance.

Wealth is yours in this space of flirting.

So start to play with your sexy self.

Notice how smooth your skin is and trill your fingers acoss it.

Run your fingers through your hair and close your eyes to enjoy it thoroughly.

Lick your lips really slowly and take a big deep breathe.

When it feels good, let out a sound.

Allow your hips to make circles when something feels good.

Writhe in your skin and explore what feels divine.

Showgirl Of The Year Competition 2009

Flirt with yourself and get all eyes on you.

Get ready to make tons of money when you practice this one!!!

Have fun!

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