Stripper Tip #9


The customer is not in charge and they certainly aren’t always right. They may have the money, but YOU have all the power.

Don’t give your power away thinking you have to get money from the customers. You’re not only doing the customers a disservice you’re short changing yourself.

Customers walk into strip clubs ranging from knowing the ropes so well they take advantage of the ladies or they are completely ignorant and need to be taught etiquette.

As a woman in the power position you have a responsibility to use your power for good.

Of course you could abuse your power and take advantage of the customers. But that wouldn’t bring positive energy into your life nor would it bring you into the vibration of abundance and prosperity.

To be wealthy, you’ve got to think wealthy.

So just because someone is plastered drunk with their money spilling out everywhere, it doesn’t mean you should take it.

You don’t need to be a saint, but you don’t have to steal either.

You’ll have many opportunities to do the right thing and I promise, you’ll be rewarded.

You’ll have your integrity, your inner peace and you’ll be magnatizing yourself for way bigger fish in the strip club sea.

The energy around you will be radiant with positive energy. And by keeping yourself honest, you’re keep your energetic space clean.

If someone is rude, you’ve got the power to walk away.

You’ve got the power to tell them “NO”.

You’ve got the power to say “we’re done now”.

You’ve got the power to say whatever you want. Just make sure it feels good and you’re staying connected to that bigger vision of yours.