Stripper Tip #8


Don’t ever compromise your wellbeing for money. The energetics of dishonoring your true desires is not worth the money you can make.

You won’t be dancing forever and the one thing you want to leave with is money and the other is honor. Honor for a job done in integrity with your highet self. For taking the path of your highest joy and pleasure.

Get comfortable saying Yes, No, Maybe, and I changed my mind. I wrote an article on this 2 years ago. It goes into more detail.

When you honor your inner “Yes”, you are staying honest and authentic to yourself. And that’s way more attractive than someone who is lying to themselves. It doesn’t feel good to disregard your truth and in the long run, and you’re not fooling anyone.


People can sniff out inauthenticity and they will either use you, pushing you past your limits or ignore you. The energy of this shows up as a mismatch, it’s incongruent and sends a message of distrust to the customers.

So choose the path of Yes and experience  pleasure! Stay honest with your desires and boundaries and everyone benefits. You’ll make the same amount of money probably way more and it will feel amazing!

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