Pleasure is our Birthright

By the power of patriarchy and fear, we are torn in half through the ringer of society. Our sexuality gets separated from our whole selves and we go looking for it out in the world, when in reality it’s right here inside of us.


We were all born into this world as little babies waiting to suckle our mother’s nipple to receive her nourishing milk and warmth of her body.

We are born humans. It is our journey as humans to experince life through all of our senses.

We’ve got this amazing nervous system that innervates the entire body.

The nervous system that creates and takes in vast amounts of information from the environment.

Pleasure is a sensation, just as pain.

A newborn baby cries when its needs are not being met and they experience pain.

When a newborn baby gets their needs met, they experience pleasure.

For example, just watch a baby breastfeed.

It’s a juicy sensational, whole body experience!

Being held feels good.

Oxytocin floods the body.

By simplifying pleasure and pain and seeing how they work in a baby, we can distill our own experience of pleasure and pain.

We can take out the complex stories we make up about how pleasurable or how painful life is and why it’s all justified.

We can begin tuning into the simple pleasures of life because when we follow our delight, we bring more joy into the world. And who doesn’t want more joy?

I remember being okay with being miserable. I never gave myself permission to feel too much pleasure.

There was too much shame around it. No one else walked around feeling THAT good. So how could I possibly do it.

I reserved pleasure for my time at work in the strip club. I kept it separate like I was conditioned to do.

I was scared of being too much if I integrated it into my everyday self.

Now I know that is BS and i can be my whole beautiful juicy self all the time.

And so can you.

Where can you allow an little more pleasure into your life today?

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