Stripper Tip #6


Love money enough so that it sticks around.

It’s easy to love money, right?


We’ve all got outdated programming around money from our parents or caretakers.

Beliefs around money run deep in our psyche and we get to flesh it out so we don’t end up having the same relationship our parents did to money, unless that’s what you want!

Let’s get in right relationship with money because it’s coming in fast and hard.

Lots of money is coming your way, guaranteed. You’re in the right place at the right time.

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Becoming money conscious will be the key to becoming a millionaire or even a billionaire while dancing!

Ask any striper their #1 mistake and it’s mismanagement of finaces.

We’ve got to have a long term relationship with money because we really do want it to be with us forever.

Otherwise it’s just a fleeting fling.

Here one day and gone the next.

Coming from a poverty mindset, it was a massive shift for me to have money.

I enjoyed it, celebrated it, and spent it.

All of it.

I did invest in a collegiate education, and I’m still paying that debt back and the degree sits in a box somewhere.

The fact is that I played out my unconscious money habits and didn’t decide early on to get in right relationship with money.

People told me to save, and I did, but that wasn’t good enough to rewrite that deep unconscious poverty programming from my family.

So think of you and money in a budding relationship. Notice where you add toxicity and unconscious behavior, destroying money’s potential to stick around.

Cause money will leave if it’s not treated with respect, honor, and adoration.

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Where does indiscriminate spending happen?

Are you spending more than you’re making?

Are you expanding your bills as you expand your wallet?

Do you practice gratitude with your money.

What are your beliefs around money and can you notice the spending behavior that supports that?

Are you investing in your growth and development?

Are you investing in your education?

Do you need to hire someone to help you manage your money and learn better spending habits?

It’s up to you.

Be a slave to money and get burried under debt and having to strip…


make money make work for you and become rich, leaving a legacy of wealth behind you.


2 thoughts on “Stripper Tip #6

  1. This is so true! Having a good money mindset is so important if you want to attract more wealth. I was recently reading a great personal finance book written by a bonafide psychologist. He talked about visualization and how the mind tries to make your visualization a reality. So in the end, you really are what you dream. Thanks for the reminder!


    1. Thanks for you comment! Yes we must see it before we can create it. The next level is the *FEEL* what it will feel like when we achieve what we desire. Our minds are powerful machines and when we can learn to use them efficiently, we can create magical abundant lives of our dreams.

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