Stripper Tip #5


You’ve got this incredible vessel to experience  life through. It has it’s own uniqueness and it follows ancient feminine rhythm backed by modern science.

Connecting your awareness to your menstrual cycle is not only empowering, it’s liberating.

By understanding your ebbs and flows, just like the oceans tides, we can further be in right relationship to our feminine power and highest potential.

By tuning into this wisdom of the womb, we can maximize our energy to make the most of the time we’re in the club.

The body releases different hormones that cause this cycle to occur and it affects our body, mind, and emotions.

During our bleeding time, our energy can be less outward and more turned inward. This is a time to honor quietness and stillness. You may want to schedule time off from the club during your bleeding time. Shame may arise as an emotional response when we don’t allow ourselves this time to rest and tune in to your inner voice.

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The time after bleeding is super charged with the hormone testosterone. This is a great opportunity to get things and make goals for the month. Too much work we can go into burnout. So find a balance of work and personal time that allows you to express this abundance of energy.

Next we move into ovulation where our bodies are the juiciest and our energy is full. We’re physically in a place to receive sperm to create life in our wombs. Men will be most attracted to you in this phase. They can feel your fullness and smell your hormones. They’ll be “unexplainably” drawn to you.  This is a perfect time to be at ease and allow the money to come to you, especially if you did some goal setting in the time after your bleed. You’ll make those goals if you set them. If you work.too hard during this phase, you may feel burnout riddled with resentment. Ovulation is your secret feminine sauce to the masculine customer. You don’t have to do much, except put yourself in front of them and smile. Let nature do the work with you.

After ovulation,  if we didn’t get pregnant, our bodies shift in hormones that causes us to experince somewhat of an internal seasonal shift to autumn. This is the time of the month to reflect on how our goal setting went and prepare for our next bleed. This is when most PMS symptoms occur. Bloating, pain, irritability, you know how it goes. We can help ourselves by eating foods like berries, spinach, squash, cucumber, and dark chocolate. And also reducing coffee and alcohol. Respect this time and find the nourishment you need or else you might experience yourself as that mad wild woman that lives within you.

With awareness of your cycle comes your ability to tap into your feminine powers more easily. It won’t be a mystery anymore why the men are drooling at your feet one week and barely looking at you another. It’s not personal. It’s just how nature goes. It’s hormones.Screenshot_20200119-201610_Samsung Internet

So get to know your cycle and find the power behind it all. Not only can you become aware of your fertility cycle this way, you can also create more opportunities for yourself to make big money in the club.

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