Stripper Tip #4


You don’t need to know how to dance. I mean you don’t need formal training to be a dancer in the strip clubs. Of course it wouldn’t hurt, but let’s make it easy to win here.

Shaking your booty is a win for multiple reasons.

First, your creative sexual energy is cultivated within your hips, and moving your booty will charge your energy up, magnetizing your whole energetic field.

By keeping your hips free, your ability to be connected to your infinite well of wisdom will be strong.

This is what creates attraction. It’s an energetic thing more than how you physically look.

The club can be a scary place and it’s easy to turn cold from the negativity in an effort to protect yourself from the toxicity.

And shaking your hips will do more good to protect you than stiffening up.

Screenshot_20200118-105101_Samsung Internet

Any yogi will tell you that emotions are stored in the hips and with your commitment to moving them, your emotions are given the green light to flow on. Nothing needs to get stored in your body.

I remember learning to shake my booty. The girls were so excited to share with me how to do it. I started with one cheek at a time. I stared in the mirror until my brain and body were moving in a coordinated effort.

Eventually, I discovered all the glorious ways I could shake my body. I felt luxurious in my own skin. I felt succulent and juicy. Luscious. Divine.

That’s the key here, move your hips to feel that kind of enjoyment and pleasure.

Explore. Play.

There is no right or wrong.

Every BODY is different.

Remember I said there was another reason to shake your booty?

It’s the money making move. It’s primal. It’s  raw. It says, look at me, I feel comfortable in my own skin and I’m owning my sexy. I’m confident I can please you because I can please myself.

Customers drool when a woman can shake her booty. It draws then into a fantasy world of carnal ecstasy.

And that is the whole point of strip clubs.

Make this a win-win for everyone by shaking those hips.

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