Stripper Tip #3


Dancing is a physically demanding job. Standard dress code includes shoes. You know what I’m talking about.



No one dictates high they are, but usually club managers that do the hiring will have a preference.

Now it’s no necessarily how high the heel is that makes wearing them taxing, it’s the squats and Turkish get ups that do the trick.

Imagine going to the gym in high heels.

And if you want to do pole, consider yourself an amateur athlete.

I’m sure some women can get away without working too hard like I did. I was always sweaty. I worked my ass off in the lap dance booths doing those squats and then when I got on stage, I owned it and the (spinning) pole.

I loved showing off and my customers loved it too. I’d always find a few that would pay me to sit and rest.

Imagine a 4 hour shift, walking the floor in heels (and underwear or a bathing suit costumey outfit) giving 20-40 lap dances, dancing on stage twice, and shaking your booty just for fun in between.

There can be many other factors that can take a toll on your body as a dancer.

Go out on the smoking patio and fill your lungs up with tar. Drink a few shots of alcohol. Check out the bruises on your knees from the marble stage. Oh and the pulled muscle from that new pole trick you tried when you weren’t ready yet, but the crowd was. Have you eaten or drank any water yet?


There are layers of ways to abuse your body while dancing.

So be sure to love it even more.

Make a ritual out of it before going into work.

Spend time pampering it, telling it you love it, literally. Give yourself a self love massage telling each body part how grateful you are. Ask for forgiveness and send it some love and more appreciation for all it does. For all it endures for your pleasure (making money!!)

Then when you go to the club remember to drink water. Remember not to slam your legs too hard on the stage when you drop from the ceiling into the splits. Be kind to your body.

The love and gratitude you feel for your body will radiate outward and magnetize customers to you.

That kind of self love shows up as confidence.

And that is sexy.

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