Stripper Tip #2


Having an attitude of gratitude is the key to wealth in all areas of your life.

By speaking into what you are grateful for, your attention focuses on that thing and that thing will begin to multiply and magnify.

Wherever your attention goes energy flows. If your attention is on how grateful you are about the money you receive, you’ll receive more and more money.

Focus on how much you don’t have, and you’ll receive just that. Exactly the amount you don’t have.

You can get by without an attitude of gratitude all the time, it just isn’t as fun.

Upon entering the strip club locker room, you’ll notice right away the complaints of not enough money, the negative criticism about the customers and even other women.  This gossip plagues the strip clubs. Do not engage in such poison, as it will simply spread and soon you’ll be struck with the sickness of dissatisfaction and greed.

Gratitude is more than an attitude,it’s an actual feeling.website12

And it’s a practice, so commit to it and keep at it.

As often as you can, bring your attention to what you are grateful for. Let the negativity around you be cues to remember your gratitude.

Eventually, the gratitude will begin to infect the people around you! The people who frequent in the lower vibrational thoughts will begin to notice how happy you are and how much money you make.

They may dislike you or they may want to be your friend to find out what your secret is.

The energy and feelings of gratitude radiate love and community and obliterate the idea of separation, scarcity, and lack that so easily comes with the territory of strip clubs.

So be the odd one out and you’ll be the most desired and most liked woman in the entire place.

It’s a rarity to see such radiance in the dark.

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