Stripper Tip #1



Determine where your life is heading. Your vision is the big picture, the end result of your efforts. The vision is your idea of what you’d like to see happen in your future. The in between is all relative and will fall in line to support your vision as you stay connected to it.

Have a vision that is greater than yourself.

Allow your imagination to run wild. Allow yourself the opportunity to dream into positive possibilities for your life.

MONEY is great which is a common reason why women want to become strippers in the first place. I know that was my reason.

And let’s take it a bit further. What will you do with said MONEY, because there is NO doubt you WILL make TONS of money.

Money is awesome. What we can do with the money is even sexier.

So let’s play for a minute, what pulls your heart strings?

Stray dogs, orphan children, foster kids, pollution in the ocean, sex trafficking, curing cancer, yoga for health, vegan lifestyle for the animals???


Whatever you feel most passionate about, name it. It’s important to have a direction that includes the external world around you. You will benefit and all of your dreams will come true in between, and you’ll be a better person in the end.

Having a vision and connecting to it everyday will help you navigate the murky waters in the strip clubs. The temptation for pleasure and overindulgence in all things sensational is real, and if you don’t have a vision for yourself, you can expect to get lost at sea for a while.

It’s a wild sea party. It’s fun. And it doesn’t do anything for your future if you don’t set the course.

It’s okay to play in the sea, just don’t set yourself up for failure and get lost out there because no one can bring you back to shore except for yourself. And trust me those wild animals out there, they want you to stay at the party.

So pick a vision. Even if it’s as simple as, I see myself moving out of my parents house and creating an exotic animal rescue.

You MUST begin wherever you are. And know that your awareness shifts and changes constantly, so create visions and revisit them to adjust as you see fit.

You can have daily visions, weekly visions, monthly, yearly, etc…

Maybe your vision is that you want to be financially thriving so you can open your own business providing luxury homemade cosmetics.

Maybe your vision is that you want to be financially thriving so you can get coaching to become the person you need to become in order to be in service to people.

Maybe your vision is to put yourself through school so you can become a lawyer and protect the innocent.

Choose something and run with it. If your desire changes along the way, change your vision.

And just remember to keep an eye on the shore if you go out to sea to party for a little while.

It’s your responsibility to take care of you, so pick a vision and post it in your room where you will see it everyday.

Look at your vision and remember why you’re making all that money!


3 thoughts on “Stripper Tip #1

  1. I saw a video like that today, not about stripping but about “spiritual money” and how to contribute to your needs as well as others if you want so that you can feel better about the money you make. This is a good lesson for those who do consider this since sometimes people can get caught up in it. Great read!

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