Integration is a time of embodying the knowledge you learn. There are moments of awareness that peirce the current veil of reality, shattering the past and present into oblivion. As the shards of life settle into an unknown figuration, integration can occur.

I’ve been away from the clubs for 2 years now. A lot has happened since then and my personal development has improved. I’ve got an awareness that helps me get along easier in life. I make choices that help me succeed. I invest in my mind and surround myself with empowering people.

I’ve been in a place of wondering how the heck do I integrate all that has happened over the course of 10 years stripping?

The reality is that I have been integrating, it’s just taken a little while since it was a lot. I’ve been consciously waking up, and stepping into my authentic power and that’s integration.

I’m at a point right now where I’d like to begin a little project.

I call it Stripper Tips.

My journey has been about embodied empowerment. I was originally groomed to value myself based on my external environment. And since 2015, I’ve been on a conscious path of owning my power through meditation, dance, artistic expression( painting, drawing, and other mediums) breath, sound (song, chants, musical instruments) and connecting with nature.

The tips I have encompass mindset and connecting to the deep well of feminine wisdom that allows women to access trust in their bodies and their intuition.

The clubs are mostly negative and toxic environments. They aren’t places that promote growth or development. The main focus is typically money and the means to get it can be dirty. The unconscious desires of the men and women fills the air and creates a toxic atmosphere you can literally choke on when you walk in.

So my intention with stripper tips is to fill the club with consciousness. We can desire money and we can be bad ass humans at the same time. We can do sexy work and be good humans. We don’t need to separate our sex from who we are in order to make money.

The idea that we must shut part of ourselves off is destroying us and it’s perpetuating the sick, sexually repressed and abusive culture we have in the the US.

Sex workers are educators. Since the public school systems and families are too shamed to talk about sex in a healthy way. Sex workers are left with the burden. People go into the clubs with no manners. Their inner wild animals come out and you’d think they were raised in overtly sexual households. But the exact opposite is true. They think the strip club is the perfect place to let loose. And that’s what happens. Without proper examples of mature sexuality, these poor humans are completely lost and have no etiquette.

So here is where strippers come in. We have so much power to influence these men. We are sexually embodied and these men are lapping at our feet. They are begging to be guided into their deepest desires.

An immature girl looking for validation outside of herself cannot lead a man into his power. She will drown in her own sorrows before showing a man his true sexual power.

Stripper tips will address the ideas that will empower a girl to be a woman.

A woman who owns her worth.

A woman who has a vision for her life.

A woman who feels good about her choices.

A woman who inspires others to be and do good.

A women who isn’t afraid to give because she knows the power of gratitude.

A woman who magnetizes the perfect clients.

A woman who makes an abundance of CA$H.


Stay tuned for the stripper tips to rain!

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