Expressing The Unsaid

In sexual relationships, much can go unsaid between two people.


The pain the fear, the unworthiness conversations can keep people separate from each other. Those feelings breed disconnection and dissatisfaction.


While one partner can be happy the other can be in complete despair and tormented by their partners’ very existence.


The lessons can be many and the perspectives abundant if we choose to see them.


What’s the lesson you choose? How do you choose to see the situation. Why are you in a relationship in the first place? What draws someone to another person?


The healing of generational past has drawn me to this human this time around and every other human before him.


I ask myself over and over again. “What’s my lesson?”


I keep hearing that my lesson is to stand up for myself and use my voice.



I am powerful and worthy of being heard.


As I sink into silence and cry wishing to be heard my pain deepens and I prove my small, limiting story right, that I’m unworthy of being heard and seen.


I have an experience of a lifetime like no other, and I cannot teach anyone what I’ve been through.


No matter how appealing my journey may look from the outside, the sexual empowerment and healing journey cannot be learned through stories, one must take action themselves to understand and comprehend the magnitude of this path. 


If a man takes in the world through his cock and takes in through something that is outside of himself and woman takes in the world deep inside their vagina and leads with their hearts, doesn’t it make sense that a man would look outside of himself for fulfillment initially, until he understands that all the satisfaction he is seeking is within his depths?


That’s been the exploration and culmination of my journey.


Everything outside of me is bullshit. There is nothing outside of me that can satisfy me more than going into my depths and being with myself.


That is the action that creates real intimacy and connection that humans deeply long for. 


Intimacy and connection with other humans is a pathway to understand that YOU are who you’re looking for.


Even in relationships, unconscious ones, people look for themselves in other people.


And when they don’t’ find exactly what they are looking for, they discard that person and move on until the next; living an unsatisfying or inauthentic life until their end of days.


In a conscious relationship, two people get together and see that they will not find themselves in the other.


The other is a reflection of themselves and can be used as a pathway to growth and ascension.


The union of two people with the awareness of wholeness within themselves, can be one of pure joy and abundance.


In the conscious relationship, the partners know that the other is an instant feedback loop for how they are showing up.


And when two whole people come to the table, love is reflected back.


Honor and sacred moments are shared with each breath.


Two individuals unite for the purpose of love, connection, and growth.


They know they can reach bliss faster with each other.


When two people unconsciously unite, they are triggered by the other.


Hating and resenting how the other shows up and doesn’t see that this feedback loop is offering them a gift towards their healing.


One partner blames the other for how they are feeling and the other sinks into their own stories of unworthiness, being unlovable, or being abandoned. 


The cycle of suffering begins and isn’t broken until a conscious effort is made to end the cycle.


When one partner chooses to end the cycle, the other will either align or choose to leave the relationship.  

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