I’m not a fighter anymore. I’m a lover.

I’ve fought to be understood for so long.

Today, I release the need to be understood in service to others finding their freedom.

What I have done in the past is easy to judge.

It’s easy to fear.

It’s easy to discredit.

I’m grateful for my past, for my experiences that have guided me to this moment.

You don’t need to know what I’ve been through. You would never understand. You could never fathom the pain and torment I’ve endured.

I don’t need to defend or fight for my story to be heard.

I am here. I am available to those who are ready to open. To those who are ready to shift out of conflict with themselves and their darkness.

From now on, this is what you will hear. This is my new story.

Aimee Lora is a sexual empowerment coach. After a life time of feeling sexual oppression for being a woman, Aimee is now committed to ushering in a NEW paradigm of CONSCIOUS SEXUALITY where everyone is treated with acceptance, kindness, and love.48378558_345083972948660_2458603343686139904_n

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