Love Letter to the Goddess


There is something inside of you, A fire, a light and you are ready to ignite.

I feel your heart, I feel you glow Goddess, you’ve got to know.

All that you desire is right at your feet, when you move, you flow,  and when you dance, you know.

The steps are right in front of you laid out like a trail. Follow your path and let it be, because Goddess you are free!

There is no wrong and there is no right, there is only your deepest insight.

No one knows better than you.

You have the power of your feelings, you don’t need a reason to be emotional because Goddess, you are the OCEAN.

The waves will come.

Don’t worry, just go with the flow.

Honor all that is and see what happens.

Destroy and create, Destroy and create.

Contract Expand Contract expand

There is no stopping it.

We are reborn again and again to create a new world.

Goddess, it is your time to rise and bring with you new life. New light. New love and a new Vision for the planet.

I acknowledge you for your capacity to live life fully and to effortlessly give yourself to the universe.


With Love,


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