The Time is Now.

I want my story to be told.

I want to expose my past to myself and to the world. I feel like that’s the way to freedom. That’s they way to true acceptance and courage.

I must share my story with the world so that others may learn from my experience and won’t suffer any more like I have.

No one deserves to go through this kind of pain.

I realize the more I hide and the more I deny the reality of what I experienced and continue to experience, I perpetuate the cycle of suffering in this world.

Woman and Men continue to feel pain, unless I stand up and use my voice.

My fear of self shame and rejection is already pushing me down, limiting me more than I could imagine if only I spoke up.

I punish myself worse than any other person could. I know my weak spots and I poke and prod them until they get infected and ooze.

I realize the disservice I do to myself and others. I’m ready for a shift, and I must be authentic and vulnerable in order to do so.

The time is now.





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