Manifestation Ritual: Calling In Your Beloved

After years of seeing the same unhealthy patterns show up in my personal relationships, I decided I was ready to go about them in another way.

After much reflection, I realized that I was the common denominator in all of the equations of my personal relationships and circumstances that I didn’t like.

I knew from that moment of clarity that something inside of me was what needed to shift.

I realized, that I needed to get really clear on who I wanted to call into my life, because if I wasn’t clear, my shadows would be calling out to someone who could awaken them from their slumber.

Nothing outside of me needed to change. I could not change my partner to be who I wanted them to be. I could not make them grow any faster than they already were. I could not change them in any way.

Knowing and accepting this, gave me my power to turn inwards and declare my deepest desires.

Despite who my partner was, despite the connection, the past, the history, the bonds, I decided to honor myself first.

Doing this ritual while in partnership is the bravest and most difficult work to be done.  And I tell you now, it is the most rewarding. Because you deserve to have all that you desire, and there is no time to settle. There is no time to suffer. There is no time but NOW.

If you find yourself in partnership in this moment and fear is abound, rest easy and allow yourself to trust the process.  Trust that your path is perfect.

There is no right or wrong.

I destroy and uncreate all notions that we should do things to please other people while neglecting our own desires.

This journey is about taking steps forward, no matter where we begin. I honor you and wherever you are on on your awakening journey.

And I invite you to follow me and explore this opportunity to create something special for you.

It is you who hold the power to create what you desire. And it is YOU who gets to do the work to make it happen.

You cannot get something for nothing.

Do this ONE thing to manifest your Beloved and watch the magic unfold before your eyes.

Ask yourself:

Who is the The Person I Desire?

My Beloved is someone I can trust to open me further to my own depths, while deepening their own inner knowledge and guiding us towards a vision beyond ourselves.

My Beloved is someone I can surrender to and trust that he who won’t get lost in the mundaneness of this world.

My Beloved is the bank of my wild river, protecting me as I expand and explore the depths of my soul.

My Beloved is devoted to himself, and God.

My Beloved knows with every cell in their body that we are all connected and one.

My Beloved is a master of his solitude.

My Beloved honors me as we do our sacred heart work when we are alone & together.

My Beloved is my equal; someone that recognizes my holiness and sacredness.

We are centered and focused on deepening the sacred relationship to the divine.

Prayer and meditation are part of our daily life.

The unfoldment is mutually shared and honored.

We create our own relationship agreements while abandoning Hollywood guidelines.

We safeguard our shadows; we do not judge or deny them.

We strive to understand our own shadows to face others without illusion, denial, or repulsion.

We protect each other with unconditional compassion without being mauled or manipulated.

My Beloved is committed to many deaths and rebirths, because it is a never ending journey.

My Beloved will engage with me consciously to empower me to share my gifts with the world.

My beloved is someone that is in service to the planet.

My Beloved relationship is grounded in God/Goddess/Universe that has a sacred practice that is dedicated to making both of us more powerful, more reflective, more passionately engaged, with only serious truths of our time.

The world is dying and we need a revolution of the heart to empower everyone to step forward and start doing the work of reconstruction and re-creation that is now desperately needed.

My beloved knows, understands and lives to wake up and be in service to the world’s awakening.


With all my Love,

Aimee ❤

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