I see you, Shame.

The never ending gift of the past.

It flows, swirls, and glides in and out of life as if it was always there; there is no beginning and no end. No matter how many beginnings I find, there is always another.

It is omnipresent in this life.

It sneaks up on me and scares me more than anything. My skin lights up on fire my throat closes and I freeze. Immobilized with speech. My body won’t move. I’m stuck. Paralyzed.

I’m aware of what is happening and my nervous system conditioning is way stronger than my will to shift.

Why must I hold on the the shame so dearly. Why does it comfort me so, when I see the damage it causes?

This is the paradox. The contraindication of shame.

You are not serving anyone, Shame.

You’re not helping the situation.

I see you, Shame. 

So now what? What do I do with you?

I get to love you until you remember who you are, until you remember that you are Love.

No one will ever understand the hardships you’ve been through; the shame you’ve experienced.

No one would be able to handle the amount of pain you’ve experienced.

You are beyond courageous. You are a brave soul destined to thrive.



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