Sex Education 103: Sacred Sexuality

What do you think of when you hear the words Sacred Sexuality?

For starters, you don’t need to be an expert in tantra, yoga, spirituality, or whatever else comes to mind to practice or understand sacred sexuality.

I’m neither and none.

My experience and focus in the sexuality realm with over a decade in the sex work industry has allowed me to explore and intuit this wisdom that I share with you now.

By being in close proximity with my clients creating and playing with sex energy, I knew there was something tangible between us that I never learned about from standard sex education.

The energetics of sex is something that isn’t new, and it is something that is new to many.


A world disconnected from their sexuality and sex energy looks like one of destruction, violence, rape, abuse, and addictions.

Social justice movements like #metoo, are driven by people connecting to their sexuality, and connecting to their whole selves.

There is a shift happening in the world because people are tired of suffering and they are ready to shift.

Our relationship to ourself, others, the earth and sacred sexuality is the key to our collective success to end the cycle of suffering.

Originally, sex was something solely for procreation. Then we discovered it could be used to manage emotional and mental health. Now, we know that the energy of sex can be used to manifest the life of our dreams!

This is the sex education that is coming into the consciousness of humanity.

Let’s dissect sacred sexuality further to understand it better.


Sacred is something held in reverence.

The sacred connection between all beings on earth creates balance and harmony in all of life.

Sacred is steeped in ritual, presence, and guided by breathe.

Sacred is held in a container of trust, love, acceptance, and beauty.

Sacred cannot be touched by human hands; it exists by the force of the divine.

Sexuality is the expression of our whole selves in all of it’s glory and freedom we were created to experience.

Sexuality embodies the full spectrum of pleasure and bliss contained in the energetic bodies of this existence.

Sexuality is not a concept that is structured and guided by social norms.

Sexuality is not reduced to body parts, or simple actions of humans.

Sexuality is the essence of life and creation itself.

Together, Sacred Sexuality presents the possibility of transcendence.

Sacred sexuality is the devotional path of awakening and represents the possibility to awaken into god consciousness.

It is a pathway that exceeds the standard definitions of sex and allows us to tap into a more grand experience of the divine.

When we choose Sacred Sexuality, we have a direct link to our divinity and our connection to the infinite universe.

By accessing sacred sexuality, anything becomes possible.

Self-limiting beliefs around safety, pleasure, authentic power, worthiness, expression, intuition, and divinity are healed and transformed.

By choosing a life aligned with sacred sexuality, we align ourselves with the divine.

We not only become magnetized to what our hearts desire, we effortlessly repel all that does not align with our true purpose and path.

As we choose sacred sexuality as a global community, the world will open to us as we step into our place among the Gods, Goddesses, Kings, Queens and all that lies in between.

Living as sexually empowered beings, will no longer be a thing of the past.

We have lived for so long separate from our sexual selves, and this moment in time has presented itself as an opportunity to reclaim our sexual power.

With sacred sexuality, we command intention and growth.

With purposeful union, we act in service for the good of all humankind.

In reality, reclaiming our sexual power will result in happy, whole, productive, creative, and emotionally balanced people.

This is the world I’m creating, and it is my intention that you will align and begin to practice sacred sexuality with yourself and your lovers.









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