Evolution of Self


I’m watching my life play out before me. I am a witness to my healing from the experiences that have impacted my development. I’m watching myself play out my karmic debts.

I’m grateful for my awareness so I can begin to shift the context of my life and all that it represents. I can consciously choose to engage in faith and trust in my inner wisdom and choose what comes next, responsibly. I choose to align my life with my soul and the energy of love.

I get to re-enact situations to heal old wounds. I’m a visual person with insight into deep imagery and I see this process as stars aligning together and coming into clear focus.

It’s clarifying into one focused beam of light radiating from the center of my heart, as my energy centers open and converge into this one true reality, free from illusions that cause pain and continue the cycle of suffering.

I consciously choose to evolve. I’ve lived a lifetime of choosing from fear and doubt, winding myself down the dark pathways of life and today I choose to engage in faith and trust in my inner wisdom and the infinite power of consciousness.

We are divine beings of Light and together we will return to the light of consciousness and return Home.


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