Yes, No, Maybe, I Changed My Mind.

All of these are welcome. We get to chose what’s best for ourselves.

AND we get to celebrate all of our choices without attaching good, bad, right, or wrong to them.

Then and only then can we can be free.


Conditioning from society, family, friends sometimes keeps us in boxes and makes it challenging to own your choices in this way. This is your journey and you have the right to your voice. This is your life and you make up the rules. You make the choices that serve you best.

As you find your voice, you find your inner authentic power.

“Yes.”  “No.”  “Maybe.”  “I changed my mind.”

Try it. Practice saying these out loud and feel where they come from in your body. Notice how you feel when you say these words to yourself and to other people.

Notice where your “yes” comes from?

Notice where your “no” comes from?

Where does your “maybe” come from?

Where does your “I changed my mind” come from?

Can you feel these fully in your body?

Speak them and get familiar with how they feel and how you want them to feel.

Learn to celebrate them all.


As a receiver of these answers, what’s possible?

Saying “Thank you for taking care of yourself” is the best gift to offer in response!

When you hear a no, simply say thank you.

The goal is to rewire your body to feel pleasure when you hear and say Yes. No. Maybe. I changed my mind.

Can you feel the freedom?

Are you looking for ways to shift? Are you ready for growth and guidance?

If you’re answer is a yes or maybe, contact me and let’s see what’s possible!


Me in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic March 2018



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