Body Wisdom & Power

Rest easy my Queens.

This body is your home.

When we can begin to love our bodies like we do anything else, we are given access to a well of infinite wisdom.

Through a lifetime of feeling scared, pushed, manipulated, tormented, abused,  & violated, our bodies sometimes don’t know any better and continue to express the pains of the past today.

We live in a world that nurtures fear and reactivity.

Our power is denied by the other people over and and over again.

It is time that we end looking outward to feel validated in our existence.

We do not need to look at someone to gain certainty or to gain our confidence.

When we live a life based on reacting to other people’s emotions, desires and needs, then we live a life of uncertainty.

We can choose to listen to our inner wisdom and forget others people’s rules.

No one knows of our unique wisdom that is held deep within your body.


As you step into your knowing and truth, you effortlessly allow it to become the focal point of your intuitive inner eye.

There is this rooted feeling amongst the chaos as you are guided to understand that you fully realize you cannot control other people.

You can only control yourself.

As long as you live thinking you have power over another, you’ll live a life of suffering and a life in the shadows.

You have the power to control your behavior, your actions, & your words.

As you reclaim your right to be here, your right to take up space and inhabit the body that you’ve been blessed with, clarity, intuition and flow are accessed.

When we can step into this centered place in our bodies, there is an expansion and magnetism that is created by the depth of acceptance and trust.

Being embodied and being in the flow of your body is like a flower blossoming. You might even be able to feel your petals falling once you’ve learned how to listen to yourself in this way.

It is time to end this cycle of suffering and reclaim our sacred bodies.

As we claim our sovereignty, we reclaim our right to be guided by our innate wisdom.


In those moments of fright, feeling alone, worthless, abandoned, and simply destroyed, let’s begin to remember that those feelings are begging to be resolved.

You are the ONLY person who can acknowledge the pain and suffering within your body to transform the suffering into your gift to the world.

We can move beyond a life of tension, anxiety, and stress.

My Queens, it is time to rest.

Relax. Breathe deeply into your home.

Breathe deeply into this body that you are blessed to inhabit.

By honoring this vessel and allowing it space to be, we let go of pushing it beyond our limits. We learn to listen to it’s cues, letting us know what to pay attention to. She tells us when to slow down. She let’s us know when she has something to say.

Tuning into the body, we fall into sync with the universe. We cycle with the moon, we ebb and flow like a river, we have storms and moments of stillness like the vast ocean. With our knowledge of body wisdom, we become one with nature and our power is unstoppable.


Take a moment and inhale deeply into your body. Feel the breath enter into your nose and travel all the way down to your toes. On the next inhale imagine the air you breath bathed in a pink light and let it fill your entire body. Exhale. Deep inhale. Surround your organs with this pink light, let yourself be flooded with your breath. Exhale. Deep inhale, send breath to anywhere in your body you may be feeling pain. Exhale.

Body Temple Blessing:

I thank this body temple for everything that it shows me, all the emotions, and feelings that are clues guiding me towards my truth. Guiding me towards my path of awakening. Thank you body temple for all the lessons, telling me when to listen, when to slow down, and when to speed up. Thank you for protecting me. Thank you, for allowing me to live through you as you are the vessel of my creations. Thank you temple body for allowing me to live and express through you. I honor you, for what you’re capable of doing, for the challenges we’ve gone through together and the challenges that we’ve overcome; you are resilient beyond measure and I see how you are always on my side. I honor you and I vow to listen to you. I hear you from the depths of my womb. I hear you guiding me with your infinite well of wisdom. I trust you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.


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