Spiritual Friends

Do you hold people high?

Or do you keep people small with your stories?

Holding people high looks like seeing other people in the best light and in their beauty and divinity.

Holding people high looks like committing to your own growth so others can grow along side with you.

Holding people small looks like shaming, judging, accusing and assuming, whether you do it outloud or within.

Take a moment a choose which you would rather do.

I now surround myself with people who hold me high. Who fearlessly take responsibility for their emotions and offer their growth as a source for my own transformation. I too, in turn offer my growth as a source for your transformation. For you to get what you say you want.

If you find yourself in the place of holding people small, you’ll find you see people’s “flaws” their “failures” their lack more so than their greatness.

It’s going to be ok if this is where you are. I’ve been there. The universe is on your side and is rooting for you to win.

Jubilee is on the other side. Join us.

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