Returning To The Light of Oneness

Traversing the depths of humanity through the pain, torment, despair, loneliness, and fear has left me feeling the intensity of what it means to be human.

As I begin the process of integration, I rest gently into this new existence, acknowledging and accepting all of me. I feel a sense of relief to have been seen for who I am and always have been, and accepted and loved for my vulnerability and authenticity.

I do not have to hide in the pain of feeling separate from circumstance that created a belief that I could not be loved and that anyone in my life that I loved would eventually go away along with their love.


As I see myself as whole and complete, I integrate all the pain and sorrow I’ve endured for a lifetime. I call out the beliefs that were not true and that caused me and others unbearable pain.

I’m not good enough.

I’m not worthy.

I’m separate.

I bring all parts of me into my being with love and acceptance and regain my authentic power.

I no longer get to suffer at the hands of my unconscious pain that has woven itself so deeply into my personality and presence.

I see the intricate patterns and beliefs that have evolved from core experiences in my life. As I step into a place of the Creator of my life, I begin to dis-empower the victim that cries out so loud to be heard and acknowledged.

She has been seen.

She has been acknowledged by others and she is at peace now.

I see how the pain has resonated throughout my existence and how the original core experience of pain hasn’t been eased since expressing all those scenarios of pain afterwards.


I have been able to express the pain from the core experiences as I traveled all the way back to their origin. The residue of the original experience lingered and leaked into the present moment without my consent.

The darkness that I’ve unconsciously carried around with me has been seen in the light of love and I reclaim all parts of me that I may have shunned, denied, or rejected.

Now with a new sense of authenticity and vulnerability, I step into a place of clarity where my sense of being is Loving, Compassionate and Magnificent.

I am whole, complete, and perfect.

I am because you are. 





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