Checking My Desires In Romantic Partnership

Step 1. Observe

The dance of life is about checking myself. Witnessing patterns and behaviors and compassionately looking at them to discern whether I want to consciously continue in that direction. I question if they are supporting my deepest desires to live a joyful and fulfilling life. Are my choices reflecting my soul’s desires? Is my life a reflection of my inner light? Are my words, actions and behaviors in alignment with my soul?

Step 2. Acknowledge 

As I bring my awareness out and view the larger picture of the circumstance of life in general, I begin to see where choices I have made in the past might not have been mine to begin with. I recognize and acknowledge the power of collective conditioning in favor of maintaining the status of women in society.

I acknowledge my role in this process and how I have slipped into the drift of feminine oppression and how it resonates into my life this day. My desires are those of being saved. I act out in a helpless manner longing to be taken, swooped away by the man of my dreams. By my Prince. My King. My savior.

Step 3. Love

As I see myself with loving eyes and an open heart, I send infinite love to this part of me that I recognize. The helpless one. The part of me that was born as a child, moved from home to home and didn’t know how to express the pain, frustration and sadness. The little girl that I once was has been living inside of me all of these years, crying for help and not knowing how to ask for it. She cries to be heard and is powerful beyond measure. She wields her pain towards anyone, begging to be seen, all the while she does not know yet what her soul truly yearns for.

I trust that this unfolding has been placed before me now by my own choosing. I am accountable for my life. I am grateful for the events that have brought me here to this moment of clarity.

Along my path I have made choices that have led me to this moment where I can process this knowledge to find my authentic power within. Each day goes by and I surrender to the old ways of finding my power outside of myself.

My inner power increases each moment with more purpose, meaning, clarity, intuition, and insight. I know that my soul longs to be in the lime light and with each opportunity, I let it shine.

The wild and unruly power of pain is now acknowledged and therefore contained. I am able to set that bottle aside and refocus my intention towards Love and Light. I choose to magnify the energy within myself that heals all of humanity and the planet.

I choose Love

Love guides me into a place of understanding, compassion, and forgiveness for all involved in the co-creation of this aspect of me. I honor all of life and give thanks to the universe for my awareness and will to choose.

Step 4. Action 

With my intentions clear, there is trust to guide my actions that will follow. The next steps come in a flow that is guided by the energy of Love. I’m committed to my soul’s expression in this lifetime and I surrender my ways of being a helpless victim.

I acknowledge the thoughts that empowered me to feel strongly in ways that distracted me from my soul’s desires. The rewards for being such a way have imprisoned me rather than supporting my liberation.

I have sat and suffered in pain for so long because of this idea.  So I consciously free up space in my mind to allow inspired action to flow into my life, easily, and effortlessly.

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