Choose Again.

Creating boundaries has really been a simple, yet challenging task of keeping my word to myself and others.

I decided to go to work today. I got ready and ended up going to two clubs and didn’t work at all. It was obvious I was committed to not working at the club tonight because I’m not there. Was my intention to come home and write? Although, I didn’t give it any real presence, I remember wanting to stay home to write being a passing thought, but yet here I am. Writing.

Since 2012, my pattern has been to override going into the club in favor of discovering more about myself. My stories have always fascinated me and the deep dive into those tales gave me the insight I needed to step into my current consciousness that allows me a certain level of freedom and joy.

As I move forward in life, I now see why I chose the pathway of a dancer/performer. I gaze upon the trail I’ve followed as if I’m looking upon it from high in the sky. It’s so clear to me that I wanted to evolve. I wanted to end my suffering.

Dancing and performing was the sum of my choices at that moment, so therefore it was the pathway that best supported my (spiritual) liberation.  I actually remember the moment I declared that was going to be a stripper. I was in elementary school. I am powerful beyond measure!

Dancing in the strip clubs has sent me on quite the journey for me to discover my inner light. As I sit here, recognizing this, I also have new eyes to see the inefficiency of this process I’ve unconsciously chosen.

So today, I choose again.

As I’ve stepped into the unknown, I’ve also been received so well by the universe. I now see what I didn’t know I didn’t know and I’m resting magnificently in this place of possibilities.

It’s been a game of survival up until this point in my life, and now I see that I have infinite possibilities at my fingertips.

Now that I’ve acknowledged this, there is space to call in something that will serve my highest potential. I don’t have the answers as to what comes next, but I trust my intentions are strong enough to provide them. 

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