Goddess, Get Ready To Receive The Man Of Your Dreams

Do you desire a life partner that can meet you at your level?


Do you consider yourself a Sovereign Woman, a Goddess?

Then none other than a Sovereign Man or God will do for you.

You will not settle for less.

If you long to be connected to someone that understands you without you having to explain every detail and you want someone that can support your dreams in ways that make you feel nourished and loved, or perhaps you want to share your life’s adventures with this person, or maybe you want to create a family, then you certainly want a Man who has done his own inner work comparable to your own.

To do the work you must begin to look at your untamed desire to be with a Man and consciously address it with clarity and focus to avoid projecting your wounds upon the partner of your dreams, destroying the very thing you want most; leaving you wanting and alone.

On one hand, this desire for a Beloved can bring more magic into your life or it can bring a certain amount of unbearable suffering.

To ensure you energies are clear enough to receive the partner of a lifetime, you need to do this radical ritual to prepare yourself for the arrival of your Beloved.

Make sure you have some time to do the initial rough draft of this activity. After you write everything out, it will become be an ongoing project that you’ll continue to refine more details as you gather more experience with this new lens of awareness.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what you can do right now to call in and be ready to receive the One.


Manifestation Ritual:

Sit down in a comfortable place to write with a pen and paper.

  1. Write out the details of your dream man. What does he look like? What does he smell like? What does he sound like? Does his voice sound gentle and caring? How do you feel when he touches you? What motivates your man to be the way he is?
  2. Reflect on the characteristics of this man. Why is he this way? What challenges has he gone through to get to where he is now?
  3. Relate characteristics to men that are currently in your life. Father, brother, uncle, grandfather, ex, current lover, the man behind the meat counter, any and all men can be useful for this activity.

Below, I go into more detail describing how to fulfill these 3 prompts. Feel free to continue reading and come back and answer these questions later when you have more context.

Inner Masculine Archetype

The relationship you create to your inner masculine is a separate entity in and of itself. From now on, we’ll consider the relationship to your inner masculine to be completely separate from your relationship to another person. It’s a relationship you’re creating that is with yourself.

No one outside of yourself can fulfill your every desire or make you happy. That’s your responsibility.  It’s important to identify your inner masculine so you can have a relationship with him without projecting your wounds upon the man of your dreams.

Pretend you are in a creative writing class, or your making a screen play for a big movie. You’re going to create the man of your dreams. The only catch, is that this man isn’t outside of you.

He resides within you.

Caroline jamour

As you are making up this ideal, fictional man, observe the characteristics you apply and reflect them on the men in your life. Begin to recognize similarities and harshly question whether you want your inner man to really embody those characteristics.

For example, say that you begin to brainstorm and the image of a handsome man appears in your mind. He waits on you hand and foot. He treats you like the Goddess you are. Although, behind this altruism lies a deeper truth of fear. This man is actually a reflection of someone in your life and you recognize that this behavior stems from a lack of self worth.

Conscious Choices vs Unconscious Choices

You want your inner masculine to embody behaviors that are driven from a place of love, not fear.

Your inner masculine should treat you like a Goddess because he treats himself like a God. His self care matches that of your own.

Observing your character and connecting it to your real life relationships with men, will help you see yourself better and see others more clearly, allowing a man to show up however he does, without your judgement and fears playing out, ruining what could be the relationship of your dreams.

By doing this practice, your level of discernment will improve and your eyes will begin to see who is worthy of your attention and intimacy.

This is a process of looking at your unconscious choices and making conscious ones rather than letting the old stories continue to play out, that ultimately perpetuate self sabotage.

Begin to notice the characteristics you choose from the people in your life and adjust the details to embody the most healthy view of the man of your dreams.

You get to write the script, so create your man as detailed as possible. Throughout this process, I want you to navigate through beliefs that you hold around the topics of sex, love, intimacy, and romantic relationships and make conscious choices about how you want to relate to these topics and how your man will relate to these topics as well.

This is your opportunity to root into yourself so deeply that your desire and knowing is unshakable.

Your focus will be dialed in to magnetize the man of your dreams.

A soul mate.

Nourish yourself with this work and receive the gift of a lifetime.

Amanda Clark
Amanda Clark

PS. Feel free to interchange Man, Woman, God, Goddess, for whatever fits you.

I love you all the same and respect and honor our differences ❤

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