The Awakening Journey: We’re Going To Save The World

This journey you’re on is not only for you.

There are billions on this planet: hungry, thirsty, cold, sick, confused, hurt, lonely, sad, overwhelmed, and afraid.

There are billions on this planet who need your help.

You are the key to unlocking this tragedy.

When you commit to the life of being awake, you also commit to saving the world.

You will make a difference.

You will spread the message to others by simply existing.

You will share with them your knowledge of survival and how to thrive by example.  

The world depends on you doing the work.

Uncover your truth and shine your light.

Paige Bradley, New York, USA

When you open the door to your own personal suffering, you also open the door to love.

From that moment, true freedom can be witnessed and known.

Once you have liberated yourself from suffering, by acknowledging your pain, you are in a place to explore what else it means to be human.

Connecting and sharing with others is the sweetest bliss to experience.

Being in the presence of a human soul while sharing gifts in the purest form of expression and the greatest blessing.

Upon honoring our distinct physical and experiential boundaries and seeing our infinite soul connection that bonds us, we are able to come together as community.

Now is the time to unite.

This is the moment to create something that that will unravel the destruction of this earth.

This is our opportunity to save the world and we’ll do it together.

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