Surrendering Into Love

The Beginning Of The End

I notice myself unconsciously begin to lay pieces of me to rest. Graveyards become appealing and the wonderment of death obscures my thoughts.

I’ve been through this process before. My body knows what it’s doing and I see what’s happening.

I’m mourning, again.

I’m here in Hawaii, roaming along the lava rocks with my bare feet, soaking up the sun and the rain that pours generously from the sky. Gazing upon each flower, vine, shell and creature that crosses my path with intensity that would scare anyone or anything that wasn’t the purest of pure.

I surrender to the process. 


Life amazes me beyond all else. Life is a miracle. I only see this bliss through the lens of grief and death.

I’m going through this grieving process for parts of me that I’ve identified so strongly with. While I  recognize that their existence no longer serves me and the highest good, I choose to put them in the grave.

This island is speaking to my soul, guiding me into the purest depths of my being.

I cry and weep deep tears into the abyss as the earth’s wisdom holds me, while I burst out of my skin, paying witness to the possibilities that are opening up before me.

My walls are tumbling down and I am feeling weight shed from my body, mind, and soul.

While I lose so much of myself that has anchored me in this life, I create space for infinite possibilities to enter.

My transformation is right on time with the Autumn Equinox, the Virgo New Moon and my moon in Virgo.

My Death and Re-Birth 

My personality has been built up to include such amazing qualities that have served me until this moment. I let go of their attachments to my identity and surrender into the unknown, welcoming my rebirth.

Divine devotional trust drives me now.

For what shall come, I cannot even begin to fathom. The universe is far to expansive for me to comprehend what will flow in as I create the space. I’m standing on the precipice with my arms wide open, ready to receive love and life.


Moving forward I have full faith and trust in the universe and it’s desire to support me in my evolution.

Consciously, I witness myself travel through the steps of grief, seemingly skipping over denial, anger, bargaining, and sinking into sadness and preparing for full acceptance.

Those parts of my personality that were put in place by me once before for my protection are ready to be let go. I once was in need of that armor and now I am removing it. I am free to choose. I am free.

Today, I am consciously choosing again.

In this resting place of witnessing myself, I can see the anxiety, I can sense the agitation, and the restlessness of my shadow self. The darkness of the moon beckons to her.

She’s stirring in her skin, testing me to let her out.

As an empowered being of light, I see the path to freedom. Freedom from suffering and pain. I choose freedom. I choose to surrender. 

Sarah Treanor

New Beginnings

I’m opening myself to mystery and magic more than I ever have in the past. I’m freeing myself from limiting beliefs and the parts of me who have kept me small.

I’m preparing to learn a lot. I’m preparing to step into new territory of this human experience and shift into a new paradigm.

I feel the dense energy of knowing pulsing through my body like my blood.

I know my divine nature and believe in love. This world is shifting and it happens one person at a time.

What increasingly matters to me is how fast we can get it done.

I’m about to level up beyond my capacity to fully understand what that even means. I’m excited to exist in new ways that serve my mission to heal the world.

I’m surrendering to Love and all of it’s glory, in the myriad of ways in which love shows itself.

I surrender. I release myself of limitations that dull my brilliance and hold me from my true magnificence.

I surrender. I will not fight. I surrender to the universe.


I see the future, whether it brings pain or pleasure. I know the bounty lies beyond these experiences. The treasure is unknowable, yet it is still desired. The gold nugget of life’s lessons is always beyond what seems unattainable at first.

The best part about this is that the treasure is found upon any pathway chosen from this point on.

I’m ready for you LOVE!

I choose LOVE!


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