The Pleasure Is All Mine

I bask in the glorious tickling feeling of crispy dollars falling onto the small of my back, slipping down the crack of my ass and caressing my inner thighs as I move my hips up and down shaking what my Mamma and Daddy gave me.

I receive looks of adoration, admiration, and complete desire, entrancing those who dare gaze upon this vessel and into the depths of my soul.


I am an invitation into your body and into your presence.

I am here to guide you into your shadows and shine the light of love upon you and all that you are, taking you by the hand into the realm of acceptance and bliss.

I will nourish you.

Come willingly, releasing your judgement and fears.

Allow us to unite in this moment of complete consensual surrender.

This is what I live for.

The Pleasure Is All Mine.

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