Sex Work…A New Way

Sex work…

I took a college course with this title in 2007.

I learned that stripping is a form of sex work; an avenue of making money through selling sex.

Some people don’t consider stripping sex work because it’s not selling sex per se, but I consider it sex work because not only do I sell my sex appeal, I share physical and sexually intimate space with my clients.

So I’m not really here to talk about sex work as I just mentioned.

I’m here to talk about sex work in a new way; the sex work that I’ve moved into after 10 years of dancing and integrating consciousness into my life. 

I realize the gift of what I’ve been given.

I’ve been given opportunity after opportunity to witness and experience the struggles of humanity to accept and allow its sexuality.

Because of this, I’ve been gifted the opportunity to do the sexual healing work within myself.

As I move into a space of being and presence with this all, I’m exploring options to begin sharing the work in a way that offers men and women paths to empowerment through embodying their sexuality in a way that is conscious and healthy.


As I witness the unfolding of myself, I also witness my practice…

My rituals that intuitively come to me as I connect deeply with myself.

Besides my body, mind, soul self care rituals that involve massage, loving self talk, meditation, prayer, movement, travel, sunbathing, reading… etc.

I like to dabble in the space of self care while interacting with others.

This may seem like a no brainer, but in the past I always liked to put other people first.

So this concept is pretty amazing to put into action.

As I’m connecting with someone, I stay connected with myself.

My body.

My mind.

My soul.

My wants.

My needs.

My boundaries.

My growth desires.

I pay close attention to how I respond to the outside stimulus.

I stay present.

I’m patient with myself through this process; loving and kind first and foremost.

There was a time in my life where I went along with things sexually without checking in with myself or my partner. 

I never really allowed myself space to say “yes” or to say “no”.

I would allow things to happen to my body and then I would cope by disconnecting with mySelf.

My choices would go unheard.

My spirit would cry for help.

I would escape to a land where I thought I was protecting myself, yet I was just causing more harm by being quiet.

Why would anyone do this? 

I recognize this mechanism was born from an early age.

Decisions were difficult.

Speaking to what I wanted was simply not in the picture.

I was the youngest of three and was the quietest.

As I grew up, I learned to speak to what I didn’t want, rather than what I wanted.

So now that I recognize this, I want to consciously shift how I show up with men and women sexually.

I want to have the conversation.

I want to discuss what can so easily go unmentioned and cause more harm than good if done so in this manner.

Let’s talk about sex. 


Even if we aren’t initially “sexually attracted” to each other, let’s talk about sex together.

I literally cannot even relate to that saying anymore because of the way I’ve shifted my perspective on sexuality.

I’m not solely sexually attracted to anyone’s physical body’s anymore.

There is so much more.

Sex and Love to me is not to be contained in this one dimension of our energetic, multi-dimensional existence.

I have an abundance of sexual energy and love to share with humanity and I cannot let the physicality distract me from my curiosity and mission.

I wonder about your desires.

I wonder about your goals and dreams.

I wonder what steps you’re taking to get there.

To me, that kind of exploration is sexy.

That’s how I can really begin to see who you are to discern whether a physical connection between us would serve the highest good of the world.

That’s what kind of mission I’m on.

I want our connection to heal and serve our individual lives in a way that supercharges us into the world to do the service we desire.

To do the service we were born to do; to share my process in service to the healing of the world.

I want everyone to begin this conversation with themselves and bring it to their friends, family, loved ones, and eventually strangers.

I feel like the conversation about sex a lot of times for me has implied sexual intention rather than an authentic discussion about what it means to the people involved.

I’d like to encourage us to have the conversation more often.

With people we aren’t sexually attracted to, to discover what happens.

The dialogue about sex is too quiet for my liking and I’m ready to change it. 

I’m here to bring about confrontation within yourself.

I’m here to allow space for your sexual healing in a compassionate way.

I’m here to expose your beliefs about sexuality and show you a new way. 

By keeping the conversation quiet, we are perpetuating global sexual abuse.

sex abuse

Exposing what sex really is and can be, allows us the opportunity to change the pattern of abuse that oppresses and holds humanity back from being it’s greatest.

I imagine a time when inequality fades and we begin to recognize the true positive power of sex.

The power shifted to serve the healing of the world.

Now is the time to embody your own healthy, conscious sexuality within to begin the process of healing that will spread around the globe.

2 thoughts on “Sex Work…A New Way

  1. There really is nothing like Mindfulness (my belief and experience) and it seems, through this post, that you, too, are finding the same purposefulness and inner focus even as you are serving others sexually, emotionally & spiritually.

    Your words make me smile bigly and it really is an honor to watch your inner growth… into a person that cherishes your Self, above all else.

    And the discovery that, even with putting you first, you are, in all reality, putting everyone else on the same level as yourself. Equals.

    All while Be-ing you.

    Liked by 1 person

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