One Of Those Paradoxes…Boundaries

Where are your boundaries?

Do you often question ‘where do I begin and where do I end’?

I grew up ‘open’ and didn’t realize that my conception of this word and lifestyle was doing more harm that good.

My openness fostered an immense amount of empathy that ultimately led me into a trap of debilitating anxiety.

After Burning Man 2015, I began to recognize that the empathy I had was intrusive and was causing me this unbearable stress and was damaging to my close relationships.

From that point in my life I began choosing a different path.

I was on a mission to shift my empathy to serve me and others rather than hinder progress and success.

As I’ve aged each year, it becomes more clear how much I need to establish labels and boundaries within myself and in this external world to at least live and at the most continue growing exponentially.

Through this process of life, I’m learning my boundaries.

For me, as embodied as I am, I literally had to become aware of my insides and visualize pressing out from there until I touched the back side of my skin with my awareness.

From here, I progressively expanded my awareness with this distinct barrier out into the world.

February 2016, I went through this deep process of connecting with myself, others, the community, the earth, spirit, and source through a dance meditation workshop.

Now, each person I connect with provides me with ample opportunities for further growth and development.

Since I’m devoted my growth, to my spiritual path, this is the lesson I am deciding to yolk from these interactions.

My anxiety has diminished and I’m finding so much joy in life.

Rather than assuming other people’s feelings and experiences, I’m living my own.

I value my life, my skills, my path, and my purpose.

I allow my empathy to serve me in the highest good.

I have the capacity to feel deeply and now choose when to allow it more space.

I’m no longer a victim of my own lack of boundaries.

I know where I begin.

I know where I end, even though I am infinite.

It is a paradox I’m comfortably living in.

As I move about this world, my ability to reinforce my healthy boundaries is available to me each moment.

As I acknowledge my boundaries each day, I expand even larger.

I’m allowing myself the space to grow big, to shine bright, and to be my magnificent self.

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