Reconnecting To My Inner Beloved

What do you do when you get lost?

You stand still. You trust those who love you will find you.

I consciously entered someone’s flow and got lost.

I feel honored and blessed to have guides who find me standing still, welcoming me home, back onto my path that serves my highest Self. After wandering away, believing I knew where I was going, testing out the waters elsewhere, I’ve returned with more wisdom and new strength to pour into my journey.

Flowing Creek Forest Green Flow Landscape Falls

Today, I return to my own flow, ready to reconnect with my inner beloved. Ready to see the world from my own eyes once again. Ready to see the world as a wonder. Ready to discover the meaning of romance.

I feel free. I feel light. I feel warmth  and love running through my entire body.

The journey I went on was deep, intense, involved, and quick. It was a month long exploration with another human being. Every day was a challenge as we traveled to places that were way below the surface, extracting and pulling together bits of pieces of my experience into a giant tapestry of recollection. I witnessed the entire spectrum of my core pain as it came into form as a swirling universe of stars as I recalled each instance of my life that tapped into that pain. The depth of this hurt resonates beyond adult life and into the beginnings of my existence and quite possibly even beyond that.

The belief that I’m simply not enough is the pain I’m referring to. The hole in my soul that is gaping and begging to be filled. I’m committing to mySelf this moment to see the outer world as reflections of my inner beloved. By doing this I will nourish mySelf whole. I am devoted to mySelf and love she deserves.

I am amazing. I am beautiful. I am a wonder of this universe. I am worthy of devotion. I am perfect just the way I am. I love myself deeply. I forgive myself daily. I honor my process and know this life of mine is blessed.

For those interested in the process I will be moving through, I will be using Bill Plotkin’s Wild Mind: Field Guide to the Human Psyche to traverse the path of the Muse- Beloved, the West facet of the Self.


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