Finding Partnership In The Flow

Remaining present and intentional, in the now and in the flow. I’m here embarking on an epic journey of adventure and exploration in service of healing my wounds, the wounds of others and the wounds of the earth.

I’m trusting my intuition, my sense of source is knowing. I’m here, grounded on this earth connected to the cosmos through the depths of my soul. I’m committed to my growth and dedicated to the vision with full support from this human. This human who unsuspectingly came across my path. Someone I initially overlooked as a lover and a partner. Someone who did not hook me. Someone who gently entered into my life and took me into the depths of our collective wounds, offering me space to heal and be nurtured.

Life is in the flow.

I am experiencing more grace, more empowerment,  & expanding my capacities to love and be loved.




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