The Vision: Oneness

My soul goal is oneness. I’m consciously and intentionally healing the pain of separation in regards to my relationship with myself, others, and the earth. My mission is to purposefully take steps that align with my highest integrity and heal this core wound by way of love.


I look at my behavior patterns to determine whether they are serving my highest good and are in line with my vision of oneness. I align my choices that nourish my body, mind, and spirit, and then I honor the connection I have to others and the earth. There can be no you if there is no me.


I recognize that my interpretation of you is a reflection of me. I take responsibility for my experience and  honor our differences while acknowledging their importance for our healing together. We are not separate. There is no competition. We are in this together. We are one.


I am nature. Separateness has been an illusion ingrained into my life that has caused deep suffering within myself and the people around me. The actions I take within the world are to heal this wound and nurture the true connection that binds us all. I aim to live a life that reflects this wisdom. Each step I take is to move me more into alignment with my highest integrity. I aim to be part of local ecology and the closed loop systems that produce food, harvest water and manage waste. I want to eliminate the life of separateness that is destroying the earth to live in harmony with all human and more than human beings. Green-Seedling-Ecology-Plant-Soil-Plant-In-Hand-1558599.jpg

2 thoughts on “The Vision: Oneness

  1. Hola beautiful soul sister. I love your desires, it seems as though you are certainly on a path of enlightenment and your goals are indeed similar to mine. THTose goals are attainable…my question to you is..what are some programs that you can get involved in within your community?

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    1. Hi Anna,
      I see you are a woman of action, too! I love taking clear steps in the direction of goals. I assure you I am involved with what I need to be involved with to manifest my vision and prayers. Since our goals are similar, is there something you’re getting involved in within your community that you’d like to share that supports your alignment with these goals? Thank you for your support ❤

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