Convergence: Coming together of two seemingly separate ideas, concepts, or entities.

I’ve been a witness to this process as it has been an intention of mine. The amount of challenge has been plenty. Yet through the pain and the tears, I see a glimmer of light and my faith in the process. Loving myself through the darkness and honoring the time I need to cry, the time I need to feel deeply allows me the energy and the grace to slowly emerge into the singular being I’ve always known I’ve been. To leave behind the masks, the stories of the old, allowing them to die peacefully with the honor they deserve. They’ve held me in a time when I needed them, and now, I release them. I release these stories that no longer serve my highest good.

I step into a new state of being which is light and solid in my knowing.

When I began dancing at the strip club (2008), I went through a mental process that separated my sexuality from the rest of the world outside of the club. This was more challenging that I wish to say, as I consciously denied a part of myself. As time went on, I was given a gift late 2011; the gift of acceptance, encouragement and radiant praise for my sexuality outside of the club. I was honored for being a sensual lover which was a stark contrast to my past.

The integration of my sexuality into my being began at that moment.

Nine years later, as I embrace this journey of life, I see everything changing a million miles a minute as I encourage myself to find the sweet spot of integrity.

The place of convergence. I speak of this often because I see it coming. I feel it deep within my bones and in my heart. 

As I move through each day, I’m healing the relationship I have to my self and my sexuality that has been with me this entire time.

I give myself permission to love and accept all of myself.

I am beautiful. I am enough just as as I am.

I am whole.

One thought on “Convergence

  1. You are whole. The yin and yan of your being, the confident and the low self esteem come together. You are a person of radiance and strength. And that strength is pulling you through to embrace the confident girl . you are capable of achieving success if so desired. And I believe through reading your words you are birthing a new person ready to accept the journey of pure love ahead. You got this girls

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